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Review: John Mayer Plays Tonight at Carling Academy in Brixton

Aaaaa to be in London, with gray skies a bit of prolific drizzle, however in Brixton at the Carling Academy is where the light is. The fan club line is down the front side of the block, those who are trying to score tickets down the other side of the block.  The marquee says sold…

Hard Rock Calling

What? Where? Who? When?  The What: Hard Rock Calling Music Festival. The Where: Hyde Park, London, UK. The Who:
Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, The Police, KT Tunstall, Jason Mraz, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Starsailor,  The Bangles, & The Stranglers. The When: Saturday, June 28th and
Sunday the 29th.

John Mayer Scheduled to Rock the UK

Glastonbury Festival Gates to Open in 2 Days!

The Festival is open from 8.00 am, Wednesday, 25th
June until 5.00pm, Monday 30th June. Please do not come before 8.00am
on Wednesday.

The 1,000-acre site at Worthy Farm
is on the edge of Pilton village, off the A361 between Shepton Mallet
and Glastonbury.  It’s a hilly, dairy farm with rough tracks and uneven
walkways which can be difficult to get about on, particularly in bad
weather, or if you are carrying an injury.

This guide will help you make the most of the
Festival experience – and avoid potential pitfalls. And whether you’re
an old hand or a festival virgin there’s even more useful stuff on the
official website at

Good Causes

As well as being one of the most
spectacular events on earth, Glastonbury Festival retains its ethos as
a positive force for change both locally and internationally.
The major causes supported by Glastonbury Festival are Oxfam, Greenpeace and Wateraid (click on graphics to
find out more). The Festival also helps a host local charities and groups.

Please visit the following sites for more information:

This will prove to be an event of a lifetime and you don’t want to miss it if you can help it!

Show Review: Just Off Turner @ Hotel Cafe

Wow.  A feast of succulent morsels of music for the ears.  They really brought their A game. If going to a show can be compared to sports I would have to reluctantly (being a
Laker fan) compare them to the Boston Celtics in Game 6, downright unstoppable.  Eric G provided the flawlessly-timed rhythm, while Phil provided Chris Martin-like piano styling that 
tasted like hot-baked chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  And boy do I mean hot out of the oven as it was Africa hot up in that joint.  You know it is hot when an ice-cold water
sounds better than an ice-cold beer.  It was that hot.  And so was Brian ‘s singing.  The 92% acoustic set was quite the treat, especially Stephen on the upright bass.  He plucked
it, slung it, and bowed it.  And moved the crowd to the point where they were screaming for an encore.  So Phil and Brian obliged  with Phil accompanying him and sang
Bad for Business.  All around good show.  If you missed it don’t cry, dry your eye, and get on down to Plush Cafe next Thursday and see this
for yourself. 

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL SEEKS MUSICIANS AND BANDS FOR ‘SMALL PLACES TOUR’ Hundreds of Concerts to be Held Worldwide This Fall Amnesty International marks the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the ‘Small Places Tour,’ and is now looking for musicians and bands to raise their voices in song and action in hundreds of concerts held around the world in fall 2008….

Just Off Turner to Play Hotel Cafe Tonight

No, How Much It Hurts is not a John Mayer song it’s a Just Off Turner
song.  So now that that is cleared up,  let’s clear up where you will be Thursday night, Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.  Why? To see "">JOT of course.  What? You say you have seen them before . . . many times before . . . you have not seen the special musical treats they are
bringing to the Cafe though.  Trust me on this one, I have not let you down so why would I start now? You’re right I wouldn’t, and wont, so be there!  They have been busting their
tails to put together a special set just for us.  So bring your friends as this will prove to be one of those shows that you will tell your friends, “you know I saw those guys play this
amazing set at Hotel Cafe” while the friends stare at you in disbelief, shaking their heads, thinking to themselves, “you’re high they are way to big to have played there”.  However, you
will know that you were there.

1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Bonnaroo: Pearl Jam Ignites, Kanye West Irritates

Last night under the stars in the humid Tennessee air, Pearl Jam performed an amazing show for 60,000+ cheering Bonnarooians. Originally scheduled from 10:15 to 12, they continued to
rock the masses for almost 3 hours. Despite the sun, and long day, the sea of people were ignited and did not grow weary. I particularly enjoyed when Eddie Vedder broke out into "font-style: italic;">Save it for Later (The English Beat) toward the end of Better Man.

Kanye West, however, was quite a different story. Originally scheduled to go on at 8 on a different stage, he requested a later time and the main stage in order to perform his current
Glow in the Dark performance that he is now touring. Well, not sure that was the best idea. Re-scheduled for 2:45am so he would have time to set up the
elaborate staging, there were some challenges. First, Pearl Jam finishing at 1 instead of 12 cut an hour into their set-up time. Secondly, getting all the elaborate staging set up, video walls,
projectors, etc etc. So if he was an hour late, that would be understandable and forgivable to a degree. The crowd didn’t see it that way. After the time being prominently displayed at 2:45, then
changed to 3:30, boos rang though the fields. The masses became irritated and started to thin. The time was changed again only to be met …

David Ryan Harris and Tyrone Wells at the El Rey Tonight

DRH is back from the east coast and couldn’t wait to provide with some more musical treats.  Thanks,
David.  In addition, Tyrone Wells is headlining this one – two punch combo that will knock you out.  Tickets are still
available and if you twiddling your thumbs trying to figure out what your doing with your Saturday night or need a date idea . . . this is where you want to be. It is relatively inexpensive
considering what you would expect to pay for this show.

Review: Dave Barnes @ the Roxy

Dave Barnes was truely incredible not to mention entertaining.  Some musicians can play great music, and others are good performers, however Dave killed it in both regards. 
His charisma and ability to draw you in is phenominal.  And apparently in addition to his laundry list of talents you can add soccer player (with time outs) and philanthropist.  In true
Bono-like fashion, he told the story of poverty in Africa from a first hand experience.  He went on to explain how far just a little help would really go and gave an option to do something right
then and there by signing up for the Mocha Club.

The heart of the show was delivered through his new song 10,000 children, a song that he wrote after returning from Africa to express what he was feeling.  Great show, great music, a great
entertainer, and a great cause.  Dave, you are a prince among men.