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Exclusive: Brett Dennen Interview

Here were the questions that was the crux of the interview . . . gotta listen to the podcast for his perspectives and answers. Interview with Brett Dennen 1) From your perspective, how has the tour been thus far opening for John Mayer? 2) What exciting new music or colaborations is in store for us…

3 Hour Tour: Episode IV

is a blissful musical adventure at sea showcasing the
talents of 12+ singer/songwriters in the up and coming indie music
scene (we pride ourselves on choosing top notch performers, check them
out and you’ll agree). We charter a yacht out of Newport Beach and
cruise for an afternoon of great music, lots of great food and fun
times with 200 fellow music lovers.

There are now 3 ticketing
choices: Premiere Seating ($100) limited to 25 tickets, Reserved
Seating ($60) and General Admission Standing ($50). All ages welcome
(21+ preferred) and all tickets and include: a four hour boat ride on a
luxury yacht around the harbor in Newport Beach, access to all
performances, buffet of delectable food and a compilation CD featuring
one song from each of the artists that perform.

To request tickets send an e-mail to with the following information:

E-Mail Address (preferrably connected to PayPal)
Number of Tickets Requested
Ticket Type Preferred (Premiere, Reserved, General/Standing)
Names of Guests (if not known, put TBD)
I’m Coming to see…

You will then receive a Paypal invoice and MUST complete your transaction to guarantee your tickets!

See you on the boat!

LIVE from Shoreline Amphitheater: John Mayer Sound Check

We are coming to you live from the sound check here at Shoreline Amphitheater on the eve of John Mayer’s show scheduled to start in a few hours.  After some guitar riffs and solo parts, he broke into Belief – the full song – people have already started lining up to get in the parking lots which are not even open yet.  A small group of Local 83 fans have gathered awaiting their meet and greet opportunity.  It is a sunny afternoon here in Mountian View with a nice cool breeze and minus the bugs from last night.  Come back to Bed is the next song that rings through the amphitheater as Chad dials in the sound . . .

John Mayer Week on the West Coast

It is John Mayer week here on the west coast . . . Starting today in Paso Robles, the Friday in Marysville, Saturday in Mountian View, Sunday in Irvine, Tuesday in Chula Vista and concluding Wednesday in Phoenix (see map below).  If you have not been able to get out to any of the shows this time around it is a must.  Yes, there are the Continuum songs that you have already seen maybe more than once but have you seen him do Stitched Up? Or what about Start Me Up? Panama? And you have never seen DRH crowd surf . . . I am telling first hand experiencing 4 of these shows that each one is one of a kind.  Phenominal, entertaining, refreshing, and musically uplifting. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. You owe it to yourself! You can still get tickets just click on the ticket image on the left.  See you there!

Rothbury Concludes with Steel Pulse, Brett Dennen, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, & Phil Lesh

Well, it is bitter sweet as Rothbury Festival has come to a close.  Bitter as you don’t want the reveling in great live music and people watching to end. Sweet because it is nice to go home to the family and things that are familiar, not to mention some semblance of a normal schedule of…

Rothbury Main Attraction Not Music?!

The main attraction at a music fest not a musician or band? Yep, it is true.  The main attraction of Rothbury was night time transformation of the Sherwood Forest, known as the woods by locals.  It was a haven for festival-goers of the glow-in-the-dark kind.  Here are some photos which tell the story better ….

LIVE Rothbury Update . . .

So the sun sets on another music-filled day in Rothbury, MI.  Here are a few photo highlights from through out the day . . . The Black Keys Dan Auerbach (vocals and guitar) The band Gomez from the UK Derek Trucks aka Guitar Guru Dave Matthews DMB violinist Boyd Tinsley Dave Matthews All photos courtesy…

Music Festival Essentials

Are you planning to attend a music festival? Did you go to one and forget something? Or wish you had a list of things to bring?  Here are a few essentials you will need to survive your beloved festival of music.  A festival map of the grounds so you know where to get where you want to go.  A schedule of the bands and what stages they are playing on.  Water!  This is probably the most important so you don’t collapse of dehydration.  A banana or other source of potassium so you don’t cramp up from all the walking you will be doing.  Sunscreen, essential to avoid malignant melanoma.  A set of ear plugs.  Yes, ear plugs, you can still hear the concert just fine with them and if you plan on enjoying music for a long time your ears are necessary, so preserve them.  A two-way radio to keep in touch with you friends when they get lost (because you are not the one that is lost), NOT a cell phone as coverage is never 5 bars despite what the commercial says (not pictured).  A flashlight or headlamp to avoid things that go bump in the night such as bumpy paths, people who have passed out along the ground, and general darkness.  Also, a digital recorder (not pictured) so you can remember the best live music you have heard in a long time and play it again and again on your iPod.  Rechargeable batteries for your 2-ways, flashlight, and …

LIVE: Sunset and Widespread Panic

The sunsets on the second day of the Rothbury Festival with Widespread Panic on the stage concluding a great day chalk full of activity.  A second helping of the WP is on the menu with Primus, Thievery Corporation, Bassnectar, and Flosstradamous for dessert.  A short break for dinner and maybe a nap to rejuvenate to…

LIVE: Rothbury Update . . . Snoop Dogg Starts at 4:20pm

How apropos, Snoop Dogg goes on at 4:20.  Complete with Farrakhan-style body gaurds and Ghetto fabulous lowrider bicycles, he really got the crowd going.  Well, he had some assistance from the cloud of 420 floating above the sea of Rothburians.  Rumored to have been arrested earlier in the day, he might have rolled up in a fancy blue car (pictured below) but unconfirmed.