It is John Mayer week here on the west coast . . . Starting today in Paso Robles, the Friday in Marysville, Saturday in Mountian View, Sunday in Irvine, Tuesday in Chula Vista and concluding Wednesday in Phoenix (see map below).  If you have not been able to get out to any of the shows this time around it is a must.  Yes, there are the Continuum songs that you have already seen maybe more than once but have you seen him do Stitched Up? Or what about Start Me Up? Panama? And you have never seen DRH crowd surf . . . I am telling first hand experiencing 4 of these shows that each one is one of a kind.  Phenominal, entertaining, refreshing, and musically uplifting. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. You owe it to yourself! You can still get tickets just click on the ticket image on the left.  See you there!

We’ll give you the update and play by play if you can’t be there.