Denver, CO – Many believed yesterday that the world was coming to an end, all I was hoping for was U2 to play the “Last Night on Earth”. However, they did play “Until the End of the World” which was equally suited. We are happy to announce that no such event occurred and we will be able to enjoy more live music like last night at Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado. Here is what the set list looked like . . .

U2 360 Denver Set list

Lucky fan was given set list.

The coincidence was that it was exactly one year ago to the date that Bono had his surgery to repair a back injury he sustained while training for the upcoming North American leg of the 360 tour. Many of the nearly 90 thousand fans had purchased those tickets a year and a half ago. The show was reminiscent of the Rose Bowl show due to the sheer size and number of people.

U2 shows are like no other concerts I have been to. The reason I say that is because of the fans and people I have met through the years that have become friends with across the globe. For example, the night before this particular show, I met a couple from Sante Fe, New Mexico, the Ericsons. Their passion for helping endangered species has inspired them to start, a site that artists and songwriters can contribute original music where 70% of the proceeds go to saving the endangered species or other environmental organizations of their choice. As luck would have it, we ended up at the same place for breakfast too.

At the show I met another great couple, the O’Connells, that are opening a new microbrewery, Renegade Brewery, here in Denver. The amazing coincidence here was out of the 90k+ people at this show, I happen to work with her brother. The show was great other than the fact I promised to tweet the set list live as it happened but the lack of wireless coverage or wifi on the floor put the stopper on that. The good news is that I was able to grab some good audio that can be heard here . . .

U2 Denver 5-21-11 by bestmusiclive

In addition to getting the audio, I was able to capture a couple of videos as well . . . . Beautiful Day and Moment of Surrender. The energy was level 10. There was connection at the heart level that only U2 can achieve. Strangers became friends while cheering and in some cases crying together. All in all, a great performance from one of the greatest if not the greatest band ever! Don’t believe because your reading, see and listen for yourself! Rock On!